Microcosmic EP Vinyl & Remix Compilation

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***** the Remix Compilation for Microcosmic EP is going online *****
***** our 2nd vinyl version will be available *****

and here is what’s happening on the Remix Compilation:

Tetra Hydro K​ RMX – “Bitter Sweet”
Woobedub​ RMX – “Apollo 17″
Aldubble​ RMX – “Chaplin’s Dub”
Smokable يُدَخَّنْ RMX – “Let us all unite”
Giotto Beatty RMX – “Bitter Sweet”
The Biologists RMX – “Let us all unite”
Spoke​ RMX – “Chaplin’s Dub”
Liquidator RMX – “Let us all unite”

we wanna thank all the above mentioned remixers for their amazing contributions, you rock and we love your music!!!

thanks to Aldubb for Mastering.

for vinyl order, just send us a message if you want a copy.
the vinyl will also be available via HHV.de, Tricky Tunes und Buy Reggae Distribution

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